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Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon

October 19, 2007

make-up.jpg  It’s amazing how early girls get interested in make-up.  I was putting some on yesterday (a rarity lately) and Baby #2 was watching me.  She really wanted me to put some blush and powder on her.  So I did.  Just a little bit- you really couldn’t even tell.  I started thinking about something Lisa Whelchel said in her Creative Correction Bible study that I did a few months ago.  She talked about not letting her girls wear bikinis as toddlers because she knew she didn’t want them to wear them when they got older (she was talking about modesty) and she didn’t want to change the rules when they got older.  After I put the make up on it hit me that I can’t let her wear make up now- as little as it may be- be okay for now, but change the rules when she gets older and really wants to wear it.  I’m so glad that the Holy Spirit brought to mind what Lisa said- I’m hoping that it will make things a little easier when the make-up battle really begins.

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