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WFMW- Keeping up with Meds

December 12, 2007

wfmw.jpg  This may be one of those “duh- I already do that” WFMW posts, but I just thought of this a few weeks ago and thought that I’d share.  My son takes several prescriptions from Sept-May to keep his Reactive Airway Disease under control.  I couldn’t tell you what the dosage is on these perceptions is if my life depended on it.  I decided to write down all of his prescription (along with a new prescription I’m taking) in the calendar I carry in my  purse.  That way I always know where it is and if there’s an emergency or we have to see a doctor he doesn’t normally see I have his prescription info on me.  Another idea is to write the info on the back of your pediatricians card (I carry one in my wallet even though I now have their number memorized from calling so much over the last 4 1/2 years).  Hopefully this will work for someone else.Check out Rocks in my Dryer  for more great WFMW tips.

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